Healthful Day

A healthful day starts when I awake and put on my vest. Picture a bulletproof vest with two large tubes coming out of the front. These tubes pump air into the vest, causing it to in- and de-flate rapidly, like 20x per second. This cases pressure on the chest like if someone was repeatedly kicking me in it, which dislodges mucus from my airways. I do this for about 5 minutes and then try to expectorate (cough this shit out) before 5 minutes more.  I do this for about thirty minutes while getting ready for school. It makes it pretty hard to do things like: eat cereal, drink coffee, put on make-up, shower, get dressed, etc. So it’s kind of thirty extra minutes of my routine.

Then I chase all the pills in my morning pill case with a huge glass of whole milk, about 34 enzymes, medicines and vitamins.

I eat about 2000 calories for breakfast, high fat high protein high taste. I do not enjoy eating this much, I usually feel nauseated but still hungry by the time I get in my car. Driving to school while nauseated is not fun.

And a healthful day at school requires a snack break every two hours (which must be consumed in the nurse’s office due to some nut allergy issues in classrooms?), another dozen or so pills with a 2000-calorie lunch, ten minutes twice a day huffing an inhaler, and being generally uncomfortably out of breath at all times.